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"Eric Greenwell has extensively revised and expanded his previous edition (written in 2000), with much more material and pictures. This new edition covers more types of powered sailplanes than before, emphasizing common methods and concerns, rather than things specific to only one model. In addition to Eric's experience, this guide reflects the experience of it's 12 reviewers from the USA and Europe. It is the most complete guide available today."

Pete Williams - ASA Mar-Apr 04 Newsletter

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Table of Contents

1 Disclaimer
2 About this Guide
2.1 Acknowledgments
2.2 The author
3 Why Fly a Powered Sailplane?
3.1 Powered sailplanes provide opportunities
3.2 Powered sailplanes add responsibilities
4 Preparing Yourself
4.1 Licensing and insurance requirements
4.2 Read the manuals
4.3 Ask questions
4.4 Develop a flight checklist
4.5 Have a plan
5 Power Operation
5.1 Pre-flight
5.2 Before launch considerations
5.3 Starting the engine
5.4 Taxiing
5.5 The takeoff
5.6 Takeoff emergencies
5.7 The climb
5.8 Becoming a glider
5.9 In-flight restart
5.10 Landing
6 Advanced Power Techniques
6.1 Self-retrieving
6.2 Wave flying
6.3 Taxiing nuances
6.4 Landing with the propeller extended
6.5 Landing with engine running
6.6 Operating from a tower controlled airport
7 Glider Operation
7.1 Ground handling
7.2 Launching without using the engine
7.3 Flying without the engine installed
7.4 "Proper" spoiler usage
7.5 Soaring
7.6 Contest flying
7.7 Badge and record flying
8 Power Emergencies
8.1 In your manual...
8.2 Power failure
8.3 Accidents DO happen!
9 Sustainer Operation
9.1 Limited engine use
9.2 Self-retrieve limitations
9.3 Temptations
10 Safaris (Touring) Without Support
11 Maintenance Considerations
11.1 Engine storage
11.2 Charging batteries
11.3 Tires
11.4 Testing the motor without rigging
12 Staying Safe
12.1 Are you safer with a motor?
12.2 The culture of the "Low Save"
12.3 How is your memory?
12.4 Determining a "Minimum Turn-around Altitude" (MTA)
12.5 ELTs, cell phones, and other emergency gear
13 Appendix
13.1 Where to get more information
13.2 Affording a self-launching sailplane
13.3 Instruments and gadgets
13.4 Final Remarks

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